So me and my buddy Butters were walking downtown in Miami the other day and I was just telling him that it was about time we pulled another hottie. It had been a while since we found a really hot babe so you can imagine how hard I jumped when I caught sight of Jasmine [...]

Jasmine Bryne Spreads Her Pussy Wide

Juliana is a slutty Latina babe who came around to my place trying to sell some magazines. She was hotter than hell and while I didn’t want any of her magazines she did have something else that I wanted so I invited her in. She starts listing off all these magazines that she could offer [...]

Juliana Gets Sprayed

Daisy Marie is a crazy Latina babe and truthfully I have to say that I’ve spent quite a few hours watching this delicious hottie as she swims in the pool at my condo complex. I usually grab a few drinks and sit up on the balcony watching her do her laps in her cute bikinis. [...]

Daisy Marie In Her Mesh Bikini

Mariella Jiminez isn’t the hottest Latina babe that I’ve ever bagged but she is definitely one of the most willing! This kinky redheaded slut was absolutely nuts but she wasn’t afraid to spread those legs and get her hole stuffed full of my dick! She was begging for it by the time we got back [...]

Mariella Jiminez Rides A Throbbing Cock

Odessa Gia Marley is one crazy blonde Latina babe who I met out by the pool of my buddy’s place the other day. When I saw her out there in that tiny pink bikini I knew I had to have her and I told my buddy to take a hike for a while and went [...]

Odessa Gia Marley

Sheila Marie is the busty type of slut that you find in pretty much every night club and casino and believe me when I say that she is one loca slut! There is nothing that Sheila won’t do to make sure that she gets her cock crammed full of cock and when she saw me [...]

Sheila Marie Stripping Naked

I ran in to Adriana Vega completely by accident the other day, she was standing in the parking lot of my apartment screaming at the top of her lungs. You know me, I love the crazy Latinas so I ran out there to see what she was screaming about. Turns out she’d left her lights [...]

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I was watching my buddy hit a few balls down at the local ballpark and as I sat there up on the bleachers watching him I saw this slutty Latina babe walk past watching him. I laughed and told her “you should see me bat” and she came over to me and told me “okay [...]

Juliana Gomes Auditions For Porn

Samantha is a friend of my buddy Primo and when I headed down to Venezuela with Primo I had no idea that we were about to run in to a group of his slutty friends. So anyway we get to Primo’s place and I’m chilling out back with a cold beer in each hand – [...]

Samantha Drives A Cock Home

Nakita is a slutty redheaded loca babe that I met down at a local strip club. I was looking for a quick fix, you know what I mean a hot babe to flash her tits while you grab a few drinks. Well I sat back in the back with the lights down low and a [...]

Nakita Spreads Her Wet Pussy!