Studio Teriyaki

Great View of Hana Yoshida BT-136 吉田花

Imagine you work at an office and all the workers at the office go for drink party.  And one of the office ladies gets horny and starts to seduce you and she is hot Hana Yoshida!  Yea, you will do the exact the same thing as this guy does in DVD.  Watch super slut OL Hana get banged hard by her co-worker!

Great View of Hana Yoshida
1) Dildo masturbation
2) sexy Lingerie & Fishnet stocking sex

Bring an OL to home after company party
1) Seduced during a party
2) Drenching wet pussy bareback

Starring: Hana Yoshida, 吉田花
Title: Great View of Hana Yoshida, BT-136
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 5/17/2014
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Cecil Kurosaki, Saya Aika 黒崎セシル 愛花紗也 Sexy Japanese Sisters PT-148

Cecil Kurosaki &  Saya Aika (黒崎セシル 愛花紗也) as sexy sisters.  Image they are your sisters-in-law.  You find out they sleep in a same room and you sneak in in the middle of the night.   Night one , you fuck Cecil.  Night 2 you fuck Saya and find out Cecil was masturbating while you fucked her sister.  Then night three… jackpot!!! These horny sisters decide to share you and fuck you all night long!  You become their sex toy forever!!!

1) Fuck sisters-in-law sleeping on bunk beds
2) Fuck 2 sisters at the same time – hot threesome

3) Interview a woman who wants to be an actress
4) Creampied by a TV producer


Starring: Cecil Kurosaki, Saya Aika
Title: Sisters on Bunk Beds, PT-148
Length: 125 min
Release Date: 3/12/2014
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Nami Honda Begs for Creampie PT-146

Nami Honda 本多成美

Slender and small perky tits beauty Nami Honda (本多成美 in Japanese) used to be in a well-known pop idol group. she decided to take a new path for her career and to the delight of her fans, she became another kind of idol. AV Idol.  Yeah, she swapped a microphone in her hand with a dick! Seeing her pussy gets drenching wet so quickly and she is good at sucking dick, I say her choice is the right one.

Nami Honda 本多成美

1) Shy First shoot
2) Begging for creampie

Nami Honda 本多成美
3) Summer Yukata outdoor hookup
4) One night stand bareback

Nami Honda 本多成美

Starring: Nami Honda
Length: 125 min
Release Date: 2/16/2014
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Erika Hiramatsu Wife Plays with Fire BT-128

Erika Hiramatsu is married to a rich businessman so she is satisfied with everything except sex life.  Her husband is so busy and he isn’t interested in her anymore even when he is around.  So she meets up a stranger and makes him her lover.  She gets bold and starts bring him into her home.  One day, her husband comes home unexpectedly and finds Erika and her lover together in bed.  But her husband is not angry.  On the contrary, he is extremely aroused.  He looks hornier than any time she remembered…  Unknowingly, Erika fulfills his netorare (cuckold) fantasy.  Watch Erika gets fucked like a bitch by her husband and lover!

1) Frustrated & horny masturbation
2) Lust for strangers
3) Sex with total stranger

4) Secret revealed to her husband
5) Husband’s cuckold fantasy fulfilled
6) Threesome with her, her husband and a stranger

Starring: Erika Hiramatsu
Title: Rich Wife’s Dangerous Play, BT-128
Length: 170 min
Release Date: 12/14/2013
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Saki Aoyama Tall Japanese Slut PT-139

Japanese girls tend to be cuddlyshort but this hot AV idol, Saki Aoyama is really tall and has super long legs.  And best of all she really loves sex.   So, it’s not surprising to know that she submitted her own resume to an AV company to be a porn star.  In this DVD, she reveals her past and present private sex life.  After seeing this, you will be convinced she picked the job she is the best suited for!

Tall AV idol Saki Aoyama reveals her private sex life!
1) Memory of summer – recreate Yukata sex she had with her ex boyfriend before she became a porn idol

2) Beautiful tits creampie fuck

3) Long leg chijo multiple orgasm toy play
4) Acrobatic orgasmic bareback fuck

Starring: Saki Aoyama
Title: Naked Resume [PT-139]
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 11/13/203
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Hina Maeda Squirting Exercise [PT-135]

Cute face and sex body AV idol, Hina Maeda  shows you how to keep herself fit.  Watch how she works out so that she can expel excess water out her body!   Hina Maeda’s famous and totally amazing squirt!

1) Personal home exercise Trainer
2) Squirting bareback sex

3) Splashing masturbation
4) Nonstop squirting threesome

Starring: Hina Maeda
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 9/18/2013
Series: Pork Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Akubi Yumemi & Runa Kobayashi Lesbian Experience

Runa Kobayashi is a new and upcoming Pop Idol.  Today is her very first day to be on TV.  Before shooting starts, she goes to Akubi Yumemi’s waiting room.  Akubi is already popular idol so Runa is very nervous.  To her surprise, Akubi welcomes Yumemi warmly and she even kisses her.  It turns out Akubi is a lesbian who cannot keep her hands off cute new girls!

Butler Cafe:
1) Good-looking butler waiters serve Akubi Yumemi and Runa Kobayashi
2) Ultimate sex service
4) Bareback & creampie foursome

Waiting Room
1) Up and coming idol visits a top idol’s waiting room
2) Surprise kiss and fondling
3) First Lesbian experience

Starring: Akubi Yumemi, Runa Kobayashi
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 7/20/2013
Series: Buri no Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD