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Big Tits Rion Nishikawa Cosplay Sex 西川りおん

Super big tits Rion Nishikawa’s super hot boob bouncing costume play & creampie fuck!

1) Police woman POV titty fuck
2) Lotion sumata
3) Horny Nurse masturbation & creampie

4) Office lady masturbation & blowjob
5) Private creampie threesome

Starring: Rion Nishikawa  西川りおん
Title: Sky Angel 183 [SKY-304]
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 9/17/2014
Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

Shaved Pussy Miho Miyazawa RHJ-345 宮澤みほ

Here come a new member to Sujikko-Club (shaved pussy girls’ club). Big doe eyed cutie Miho Miyazawa puts on pink swimsuit and sailor fuku and gets fucked by big cocks.

1) Sujikko club – school swimsuit, lotion play, toy, blowjob, threesome, creampie

2) Gokkun after school – school girl, blowjob in a car, masturbation, bareback, creampie, threesome, cum licking, gokkun cum swallowing


Starring: Miho Miyazawa,  宮澤みほ
Title: Red Hot Jam 345 (RHJ-345)
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 8/8/2014
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

Cosplay Sex Emi Sasaki SKY-300 佐々木絵美 Sky Angel 180

AV Idol Emi Sasaki puts on various costume to fulfill your sex fantasy!  Which Emi is your favorite?

1) Phys-ed uniform bloomer massage course – upper body kiss, lotion handjob, blowjob, cum in mouth
2) Anime Character Cosplay masturbation
3) Naughty flight attendant creampie & clean-up blowjob

4) Trapped police woman restraint and toyfucked
5) Slut fishnet stocking schoolgirl creampie threesome

Starring: Emi Sasaki 佐々木絵美
Title: Sky Angel 180 SKY-300
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 7/11/2014
Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

Hot Ass AV Idol Rina Koda RHJ-323 倖田りな

Are you a ass man or boob man?  If you say you are ass man, Rina Koda (倖田りな) is the AV idol for you.  In this DVD, you can enjoy her juicy round Japanese butt.   Her superb ass is wrapped in a throng, in sexy lace panties, even in black nylon pantyhose (with no panties!) and seduces every Asian Ass lovers.  Of course she doesn’t forget to give heavenly face sitting on a lucky guy, pressing her nice J-ass hard, totally smothering him!

1) Beautiful Ass Club – lotion play, ass sumata, blowjob, pantyhose ripping, face sitting, bareback

2) Horny wife seduces a doctor – masturbation, blowjob, bareback, creampie

Starring: Rina Koda 倖田りな
Title: Red Hot Jam 323, RHJ-323
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 1/19/2014
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

Rena Arai: Japanese Fetish Ass Vision [SKY-279]

Rena Arai has great ass so a perverted Japanese made this DVD, focusing on her ass from beginning to the end.  Every scene and every angle is filled with her juicy round butt.  On the cover, it says AV Idol, Rena Arai is the star of this DVD but I dare say that REAL shining star is her ASS itself!

1) Ass focus masturbation
2) Ass focus blowjob

3) Ass focus creampie
4) Ass focus lotion toy play
5) Ass focus threesome & bukkake

Starring: Rena Arai
Title: Sky Angel 166, SKY-279
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 10/21/2013
Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD

Gorgeous Body Satomi Suzuki, HEY-014

Gorgeous AV idol, Satomi Suzuki gets gang banged.  She becomes a timid female teacher who ends up teaching sex class with a push phys ed teacher.  She gets naked in front of students and shows them right way to have sex by getting banged by the male teacher.  Then, she lets students join the act and receives their cum on her body.

Plus Satomi enjoys slippery lotion sex play.

1) Z – Baby Face With A Gorgeous Body – masturbation, pussy licking, lotion play, titty fuck, blowjob, bareback

2) Female Teacher Sex Ed Class – Blowjob, bareback, handjob, gang bang, creampie

Starring: Satomi Suzuki
Title: Z – Baby Face With A Gorgeous Body [HEY-014]
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 6/12/2013
Studio: Heyzo 
Media: DVD

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