Beautiful Japanese Cougar, Sayuri Shiraishi (Maki Hojo) Becomes a femme fatale who toys with her wealthy Lover and his young son’s bodies and Lives.

Starring: Sayuri Shiraishi (Maki Hojo) Length: 105 min Language: Japanese Release Date: 3/24/2010 Studio: Studio Teriyaki

Forbidden Relationships : Sayuri Shiraishi (Maki Hojo) [PT-44]

Yuki Tsukamoto is a Yakuza boss’s beautiful wife. One day her husband is killed by a rival gang. After, Yuki takes her revenge against the yakuza who killed her husband and humiliated her. She knows the only real weapon she owns is her body and decides to use it to the max. Her ripe seductive body [...]

Yakuza’s Beautiful Wife : Yuki Tsukamoto [BT-39]