Kayla Ivy

Kayla Ivy Kayla Ivy
Kayla Ivy @
Kayla Ivy’s hormones are raging! That makes sense though, because she’s seven month pregnant. But Kayla’s hormones are even surprising her! She’s always horny…so much so Kayla has a hard time making it through the day without masturbating or looking for dick. And make no mistake about it — all Kayla wants is white dick! Her baby’s daddy is a white boy, and whenever she’s around one, all Kayla wants to do is fuck. In hopes of finding some sort of drug to tame her hormones, she’s gone to her OB/GYN’s office. No luck, but Kayla considers herself a lucky girl, because she’s going to fuck not one doctor — but two! She’ll suck cock, eat ass, and let the docs rail her before both of them unload directly into her ultra-tight, pregnant pussy!

Kayla Ivy Kayla Ivy

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Essy Essy
Essy @
Essy is one of those tall slim British babes with a beautiful face, and a foul, dirty talking mouth that amuses as well as excites with her constant stream of sexual commentary. She’s in the kitchen inexplainably fucking around with the stove while describing her current need for a black dick to suck. One of course walks in, and starts marking her up like a ghetto overpass with all kinds of interracial graffitti. After he’s done with his artwork, she sets to getting his dick wet with her freely flowing saliva, and her sucking mouth. Like a well designed Dyson vacuum, she doesn’t lose suction and keeps the oral action intensifying until he spackles her mouth shut with his white paste!

Essy Essy

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Miss Dee

Miss Dee Miss Dee
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Miss Dee
As Miss Dee explains at the beginning of this scene, she’s tired of her baby-hung white husband fucking her, then she has to masturbate with a vibrator to actually get off after sex with him. She wants a black dick in her mouth and is willing to have her body tagged by a black man to get that black package massaging her tonsils. This dark stranger takes particular pleasure from mercilessily fucking a white womans’ face, and pounds her mouth like a wet pussy. The result of this ends up on her face, and lips and she licks the last drops from his still throbbing black cock.

Miss Dee Miss Dee

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Lillie Ann

Lillie Ann Lillie Ann
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Lillie Ann
Lillie Ann comes from Seattle down to LA in search of a long black dick to satisfy her oral urgings. She may not be a beauty queen, but she does have one very interesting characteristic that makes her unique from the average black cock seeker…she has a brown eye, and a blue eye! This is even cooler when she’s looking up at you from a kneeling position while inhaling as much black dick as she can get down her esophagus! Wes Pipes gets to enjoy this odd-eyed dickworshipper as she sucks his prick until he decorates her face like a birthday cake with his homemade ghetto icing!

Lillie Ann Lillie Ann

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Goddess Kyra

Goddess Kyra Goddess Kyra
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Xander Corvus is a busy man. He’s got one of the most successful hip-hop clubs in Hollywood, and Friday nights are "amateur nights". Hundreds of people pack the small club, and there’s almost as many record executives as there are fans. Kyra Goddess wants to be a rapper, and she’s ready to do what it takes to get a spot on that Friday night roster — which routinely takes a year or two to land. Kyra wants her attention NOW, even if it means, reluctantly, that she’s going to have to do what thousands of actresses, female rappers, and girl bands have done in the past to make it big.

Goddess Kyra Goddess Kyra

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Japanese Girls Exhibitionism [RHJ-307]

How far do these Japanese shiroto (amateur) girls go?  They are given a chance to expose themselves in public.  Once they experience the thrill and excitement, they seem to be totally addicted it.  In the beginning, they are shy to show their boobs but in the end they suck dick in public stairwells and fuck butt naked by the widows even though passerby might see them and make a call to have them arrested!   See how bald these seemingly normal looking Japanese girls become!

1) Kaori Kinoshita – expose in a balcony, blowjob and fucking in a apartment corridor, hard fuck in a room

2) Natsuki Hayama – expose herself in street, full nude fuck by the window

Starring: Kaori Kinoshita, Natsuki Hayama
Title: Red Hot Jam 307, RHJ-307
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 10/18/2013
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD