Jasmine Bryne Spreads Her Pussy Wide

So me and my buddy Butters were walking downtown in Miami the other day and I was just telling him that it was about time we pulled another hottie. It had been a while since we found a really hot babe so you can imagine how hard I jumped when I caught sight of Jasmine Bryne standing outside this restaurant with a flower in her hair. She was standing there in her bikini trying to pull in all the tourists and she almost got me but then I got her first and slipped my business card in to her bikini string and told her to give me a call when she was off work.

Wouldn’t you just know that she called me the minute that she got off work and within the hour she was in my living room in that same tiny little bikini. I wanted nothing more than to see what was under that bikini and she must have been a fucking mind reader because as I looked over there at her she slipped out of her bikini top and started to tease those perky nipples! I couldn’t hold back and pushing her over I peeled down her panties and slid my dick in her slit!

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Juliana Gets Sprayed

Juliana is a slutty Latina babe who came around to my place trying to sell some magazines. She was hotter than hell and while I didn’t want any of her magazines she did have something else that I wanted so I invited her in. She starts listing off all these magazines that she could offer and when I asked her if she had “Hot Latina Pussy” she burst out laughing and said no. I told her that I begged to differ and rubbed my fingers over her tight slit. She looked at me for just a second before she leaned in and started making out with me.

I didn’t hesitate and pulling down my pants I whipped out my dick and she got down on her knees, slipping my dick in to her mouth. Her warm lips felt so good around my dick but I wanted so badly to shove my cock deep inside her pussy. She stripped off in no time and got down on all fours begging me to fuck her. She didn’t have to beg long because I crammed my dick inside her so deep that she could barely move!

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Daisy Marie In Her Mesh Bikini

Daisy Marie is a crazy Latina babe and truthfully I have to say that I’ve spent quite a few hours watching this delicious hottie as she swims in the pool at my condo complex. I usually grab a few drinks and sit up on the balcony watching her do her laps in her cute bikinis. Well last week I catch her down there and I’m just sitting up on my balcony watching her when she looks up and I guess she sees me because she signals for me to come down. I wasn’t too sure what she had in store for me but I definitely wanted to find out!

When I got down to the pool I noticed that she was wearing a fishnet bikini, a bikini that I could completely see through! She flashes me a smile and tells me she did it just for me because she knew I’d be watching her as always. I tried to laugh it off but I get nervous as I see her sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her feet in the water. She’s watching me as she slips out of her bikini top and shows off those perky tits!

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Mariella Jiminez Rides A Throbbing Cock

Mariella Jiminez isn’t the hottest Latina babe that I’ve ever bagged but she is definitely one of the most willing! This kinky redheaded slut was absolutely nuts but she wasn’t afraid to spread those legs and get her hole stuffed full of my dick! She was begging for it by the time we got back to my place and when I caught a glimpse of those huge nipples of hers I have to admit that I was pretty excited about cramming my dick inside her tight pussy as well!

So we get back to my place and she flashes me those tits of hers and then she starts talking a big game about how great she is at sucking cock and I wasn’t about to let her tell me how great she was without showing me so I dared her to put her money where her mouth was. She flashed me this naughty smile and then slipping out of her panties to show off her sweet slit she got down on her knees and slid my dick between her wet lips. I can’t lie, I had to stop myself from cumming in her mouth before I got a taste of that sweet ass!

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Odessa Gia Marley

Odessa Gia Marley is one crazy blonde Latina babe who I met out by the pool of my buddy’s place the other day. When I saw her out there in that tiny pink bikini I knew I had to have her and I told my buddy to take a hike for a while and went out with a bottle of oil and told her I thought she could use it. She flashes me this kinky smile and slips out of her bikini and starts oiling up her juicy round ass and her soft perky tits. Watching her rub that oil all over her juicy body was driving me nuts

I caled Odessa in to the living room and as soon as she got in I pushed her back on that sofa and buried my face deep in that tight wet pussy of hers. She started riding my face and I could feel her pussy juicy covering my face and it made my dick so hard. When she noticed how hard my dick was she told me she wanted to suck me off and as soon as I felt those warm lips around my cock I wanted to bust my load!

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Sheila Marie Stripping Naked

Sheila Marie is the busty type of slut that you find in pretty much every night club and casino and believe me when I say that she is one loca slut! There is nothing that Sheila won’t do to make sure that she gets her cock crammed full of cock and when she saw me she actually recognized me as “that stunt cock from Oye Loca.” So I flashed her a knowing smile and waggled my finger and she knew that she should follow me because I had a special treat in store for her. To be honest though it was more that I expected her to have a special treat for me!

So we get back to my place and Sheila knows just what I want. I could already see those monster nipples of hers through her tight black dress and I wanted to see more. Sheila obliged as she pulled down her dress and let her massive tits bounce right out and I wanted to grab them and tease them like nothing I’d ever played with before. Sheila was adamant that she get to show off her shaved slit before I touched but I couldn’t have cared less at that point, I just wanted those tits!

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Adriana Vega Spreading

I ran in to Adriana Vega completely by accident the other day, she was standing in the parking lot of my apartment screaming at the top of her lungs. You know me, I love the crazy Latinas so I ran out there to see what she was screaming about. Turns out she’d left her lights on all night and her car battery was dead. I laughed when I told her that I’d done the same only a couple of weeks ago but she seemed pretty pissed that I was laughing and she starts in on me on this fucking tirade. I told her fine she could jump her own fucking car and I went back to my place.

A few minutes later Adriana Vega comes knocking on my door and tells me she’s sorry, says she’ll do anything if I will help jump start her car. I told her I knew just the thing but before I got the chance to say it she starts stripping off. She muct have been a fucking mind reader! I watched her leaning back as she slid out of her tiny panties and when she parted those smooth shaved pussy lips it was all I could do not to jizz in my pants!

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