Iskra’s Shower Fun Time

23 year old Russian beauty Iskra may seem like a normal 23 year old girl on the outside, but her sweet looks and gentle demeanor hide the heart of a sexual deviant who loves to get wild with anyone who will fuck her horny pussy. “When I don’t have any plans on an evening one of my favorite things to do is get dressed up in my dominatrix gear and go to a club where no one will know me. Those are some of the best evenings, always.”

Although Iskra hasn’t chosen to get decked out in any of her dominatrix outfits for today’s shoot, she assures us that it is because she has something even more special planned for us. “I often do dominatrix shoots when I model. As much as I love to be in charge, there is more to sex than that.” When our black-haired sweetie leads us into her bathroom and turns on the shower, we know even before she starts stripping out of her clothes that we’re going to capture a side of Iskra that is just as enticing as her take-charge persona!

Slipping her shorts down her long lean legs and then sliding her shirt off to reveal her little tits, Iskra is soon nude and gorgeous before us. She reaches her hands up to cover her breasts and squeezes her rock hard nipples with a low moan. To our surprise, instead of continuing to fondle her boobs she drops her hands and steps into the shower. “Just that much foreplay is plenty for me,” she explains as she reaches for the wand and changes the spray to a hard massage. As we watch, our Russian sex kitten guides the pounding water down her sensitive body and then focuses the spray on her needy clitoris. You can watch Iskra cum in the shower now only at, home of the hottest sex starved girls online.