Stella’s Kitchen Striptease

21 year old blonde bombshell Stella is a Russian dancer who loves to show off her incredible body. “I can’t lie. I love my body! Men love my body, too. That’s why I decided to try out adult modeling! It’s good money and getting myself off on camera when I know it’s going to give guys pleasure is such a turn on.” This hot number is a natural at choosing the best clothes to accentuate her lean body and delicate curves. Once she is ready to go for her shoot today, Stella struts into the kitchen wearing next to nothing-and it looks perfect on her.

Stella’s push-up bra and thong hug her slender figure, and the red is sensual and naughty against her tan skin. This ballet dancer knows how to work her body to show it off to its full potential, too! Walking over to the counter, she snags a stool and then uses it to pose with one leg up so that her tall body is slim and enticing. “The best part about ballet is that I’ve learned all kinds of interesting ways to move and pose. Do you like?”

We do like, but we are even happier as Stella reaches behind her back to release the clasp of her bra and then sways her hips as she gracefully rolls her panties down her legs and then steps out of them. As lovely as she looked in the simple lingerie, she is even more incredible as she stands with her supple breasts and her shaved mound clearly visible. “Look as much as you want. In fact, I have a better view for you,” she murmurs as she returns to the stool and seats herself with her legs bent at the knee so that her creamy pussy is clearly visible. This sensual coed is only getting started, so if you want to see what Stella does next then you’ll have to head over to now!