Selma Sins Cums On Table

Working in a coffee shop is a good opportunity for 22 year old Selma Sins to meet people who are interested in hooking up without commitment. “I’m not at a point in my life where I’m looking to settle down, but I do want to have a lot of wild sex. Most guys are really into that!” Selma has a date tonight, and although she knows she’s going to get some she’s so horny when she gets home from work that she decides to take the edge off with a quick finger fuck just for our camera crew.

Slipping out of her work clothes until she’s wearing just her boy-short panties and socks, Selma climbs atop the coffee table. “I love to get down and dirty on cool, hard surfaces. The contrast as my body heats up is incredible.” Her long dark hair spills down her tanned back as she positions herself on the table with her round tight ass tempting the crew. She sees reaches up to pinch her hard little nipples, moaning as she squeezes them again even harder.

“Mmm, I love playing with my nipples. They’re so sensitive. Almost as sensitive as my pussy.” Parting her toned thighs so that we have a perfect view of her shaved snatch, Selma slips her hand down between her legs and presses two fingers against her clit. Her touches are fast and harder than we would have expected, but clearly this sexy sweetie knows how to get herself going because we can see her pussy juices gushing all over her creamy slit. If you want to see how far this brunette beauty will go to pleasure her horny hole then head on over to, where you can find Selma and all of the hottest cum-hungry babes online brought to you daily.