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Thai girl Beem Has two Favorite Fucking Positions

Beem likes to spread her pink meat with cock.  When she has no cock a nice bog dick toy will do.  her favorite sex is missionary, London bridge style.  Legs up around your shoulders as she feels every inch slide deep inside her tight Thai pussy.

Her 2nd favorite is from behind.  It can be dogy style or you can roll her over and jam her face into the bed while you pound her deep from behind.  You better have stamina cause this little Thai honey can go all night long.


Anisa Gets Wild

Party animal Anisa, 19 years old, is one babe that could be too hot to handle! Anisa’s rock and roll life style leads her into some very interesting sexual situations. "Well my favorite place to get fucked is right after we play a show and I get nailed backstage in the dressing room. With our adrenaline still going, it makes for some pretty hot sex!" she told us with a giggle. We absolutely love Anisa’s easy going attitude, and crazy naughty side. Her chaotic craving for sexual stimulation was so apparent in all of her shoots.

Anisa started by removing her bra to let her huge perky tits out. Supple, ripe and firm, her boobs could have been made from a mold of a Greek goddess! The soft cotton panties she was wearing were sitting tantalizingly low on her tiny frame. "Ooh! I’m so horny now. Do you mind if I play with myself?" she asked in her sexy Russian accent. When Anisa pulled down her panties to bend over and spread her legs, it was quite obvious why her tight shaved pussy was her favorite part of her body.

Anisa flipped herself around and began to rub her flat stomach and suckable tits. Her body was no longer capable of withstanding the gentle touches of her curious fingers; Anisa had to pleasure herself. The raunchy temptress licked her fingers and began to circle around her clit. Her pink pussy was visibly throbbing from the stimulation her eager fingers were providing. Anisa’s creamy twat seemed to just swallow her two fingers whole, while her other hand was occupied by her yearning clitoris. This dual pleasure drove Anisa wild with eroticism, making her body tremble with her ever impending orgasm. Her tiny waist was expanding then retracting with every deep breath that was taken from her sweet fuckable mouth. You have to go to Nubiles.net to see what Anisa does when she cums!