Daisy Marie In Her Mesh Bikini

Daisy Marie is a crazy Latina babe and truthfully I have to say that I’ve spent quite a few hours watching this delicious hottie as she swims in the pool at my condo complex. I usually grab a few drinks and sit up on the balcony watching her do her laps in her cute bikinis. Well last week I catch her down there and I’m just sitting up on my balcony watching her when she looks up and I guess she sees me because she signals for me to come down. I wasn’t too sure what she had in store for me but I definitely wanted to find out!

When I got down to the pool I noticed that she was wearing a fishnet bikini, a bikini that I could completely see through! She flashes me a smile and tells me she did it just for me because she knew I’d be watching her as always. I tried to laugh it off but I get nervous as I see her sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her feet in the water. She’s watching me as she slips out of her bikini top and shows off those perky tits!

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