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Odessa Gia Marley

Odessa Gia Marley is one crazy blonde Latina babe who I met out by the pool of my buddy’s place the other day. When I saw her out there in that tiny pink bikini I knew I had to have her and I told my buddy to take a hike for a while and went out with a bottle of oil and told her I thought she could use it. She flashes me this kinky smile and slips out of her bikini and starts oiling up her juicy round ass and her soft perky tits. Watching her rub that oil all over her juicy body was driving me nuts

I caled Odessa in to the living room and as soon as she got in I pushed her back on that sofa and buried my face deep in that tight wet pussy of hers. She started riding my face and I could feel her pussy juicy covering my face and it made my dick so hard. When she noticed how hard my dick was she told me she wanted to suck me off and as soon as I felt those warm lips around my cock I wanted to bust my load!

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Dillion Harper Orgy Fantasy

Almost everyone has a secret sexual fantasy, and 19 year old Dillion Harper is no exception. When we asked her about her to describe her sexual fantasy, she thought for a moment and then laughed as she flipped her dark hair back over her shoulder. “I’ll tell you on one condition: I get to masturbate while I talk about it. It gets me that hot just thinking about it.” Of course we agree, and to our delight Dillion takes a moment to remove her tank top before continuing.

“My fantasy is definitely participating in an orgy,” she begins as she steps out of her purple shorts, showing us that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. “I want to be part of a group of people who are so sex-crazed and horny that they can’t keep their hands off of each other. There would probably be some alcohol involved, but not so much that we’re all crazy drunk. Just enough to loosen us all up and let us have a good time.”

Crouching on the floor, Dillion runs her small hands up her taut belly and then rests them just beneath her full round breasts. “I would definitely give as good as I get, but I love thinking about having a girl sucking on each of my tits while a guy fucks me. I even think that maybe I would like to give a blow job while being fucked. There are just so many possibilities when you add in extra people.” Dillion really isn’t kidding about getting hot just from describing her fantasy orgy! As she talks with a dreamy-eyed expression, she leans forward on a nearby couch and slides her hand between her thighs to massage her horny clit. You can watch Dillion fantasize about being in the middle of an orgy as she masturbates until she cums right now only at Nubiles.net, home of all the Internet’s freshest sexy faces.