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Sheila Marie Stripping Naked

Sheila Marie is the busty type of slut that you find in pretty much every night club and casino and believe me when I say that she is one loca slut! There is nothing that Sheila won’t do to make sure that she gets her cock crammed full of cock and when she saw me she actually recognized me as “that stunt cock from Oye Loca.” So I flashed her a knowing smile and waggled my finger and she knew that she should follow me because I had a special treat in store for her. To be honest though it was more that I expected her to have a special treat for me!

So we get back to my place and Sheila knows just what I want. I could already see those monster nipples of hers through her tight black dress and I wanted to see more. Sheila obliged as she pulled down her dress and let her massive tits bounce right out and I wanted to grab them and tease them like nothing I’d ever played with before. Sheila was adamant that she get to show off her shaved slit before I touched but I couldn’t have cared less at that point, I just wanted those tits!

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Zarena Summers Hot Pink Panties

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who enjoys being in the kitchen. 21 year old Zarena Summers likes to spend time dabbling witih cooking every so often. “I don’t eat a lot since I want to maintain my slim figure, but preparing food is something I enjoy.” Dressed in a pink tank top and a yellow miniskirt, Zarena contemplates what she wants to make for lunch. As she stands thinking and absentmindedly tapping her fingers against her long tan thigh, her other hand starts slipping under her skirt.

Sliding her hand down her leg, Zarena reveals that she has hooked her thumb into her pink panties. She slips them off, and then slips her hand back up her skirt. We can just barely see beneath the filmy material as she runs her finger down her wet slit. Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she licks her fingertip with her pink moist tongue. “Delicious. Better than anything I could cook for myself.” After she removes her shirt, Zarena’s fingers return to her hot horny hole to bring another taste of her sweet juice to her mouth. We love the way her skirt partially obstructs our view, but we love it even more when it comes off next!

Climbing up onto the gleaming kitchen counter, Zarena leans back against the wall and moans softly. “I’m so hot and ready to cum. I feel like I’m burning up!” She spreads out on the counter and her hand drifts back to her shaved pussy, moving to massage her needy clit. Her body arches as pleasure courses through her, and soon she is panting and sliding her fingers deep into her tight hole as she gets closer to her climax. You can watch Zarena’s erotic adventure in the kitchen right now at Nubiles.net, where all of the hottest girls on the Internet are featured every week.