Daily Archives: August 30, 2012

Adriana Vega Spreading

I ran in to Adriana Vega completely by accident the other day, she was standing in the parking lot of my apartment screaming at the top of her lungs. You know me, I love the crazy Latinas so I ran out there to see what she was screaming about. Turns out she’d left her lights on all night and her car battery was dead. I laughed when I told her that I’d done the same only a couple of weeks ago but she seemed pretty pissed that I was laughing and she starts in on me on this fucking tirade. I told her fine she could jump her own fucking car and I went back to my place.

A few minutes later Adriana Vega comes knocking on my door and tells me she’s sorry, says she’ll do anything if I will help jump start her car. I told her I knew just the thing but before I got the chance to say it she starts stripping off. She muct have been a fucking mind reader! I watched her leaning back as she slid out of her tiny panties and when she parted those smooth shaved pussy lips it was all I could do not to jizz in my pants!

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Remy LaCroix Lacey Lingerie

Slim and sexy, 23 year old Remy LaCroix is easily one of the hottest numbers we’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She knows that her body is smoking hot, and she’s definitely willing to show off every asset she has! “I love it when guys stare at me, especially when we’re out in public. Sometimes if I’m feeling really naughty I’ll even flash a super-hot guy right on the street. It’s earned me a spectacular fuck more than once!”

For this shoot Remy arrives wearing a black lacey lingerie bra and panties set that look incredible on her toned tanned body. Paired with sheer thigh high stockings, black high heels, and a come-hither smile, Remy is any man’s dream girl. “I love to dress up for the camera. It makes me so hot to know that these photos will be loved by guys all over.” Reaching up her back, she releases the clasp on her bra to free her little boobs. She cups them in her hands, running her thumbs over her small areolas and tight nipples. Her legs spread in a way that seems unconscious, opening to accommodate the coming pleasure that her body craves.

Remy isn’t the type of girl to wait for what she wants. She slips out of her panties next, leaving them behind with her high heels, and climbs to her knees on the couch. Rubbing the palm of her hand along her peachy ass, she slowly works her way to her wet shaved pussy and slides a finger deep into her tight hole. Stripping on camera is fun, but fucking myself on camera is even better. Just thinking about it makes me so hot I could cum right now.” Remy’s voice is breathy and her words are punctuated by moans. We have no doubt that she’s going to have a fast, awesome orgasm and she doesn’t disappoint! Check it out right now in high quality pictures and video only at Nubiles.net.