Premium Model : Yayoi [BT-53]

Chinese Language Teacher, Yayoi is extremely horny but has kept her appearance quite well at her work place. However, one day, her students find out about Yayoi’s secret dirty sex pics. They promise to keep her secret *secret* as long as she is willing to do whatever they want her to do…


Starring: Yayoi
Length: 110 min

Releae Date: 8/11/2010
Studio: Studio Teriyaki

Red Hot Jam 129 : Azumi Harusaki [RHJ-129]

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Very Popular  JAV Idol Azmuki Harusaki’ Dynamite Fuck!

Red Hot Jam 129 : Azumi Harusaki [RHJ-129] rhj-129_blog

1) Dynamite : Restraint Toy Play, Multiple Dick Blowjob, Gang Bang

Red Hot Jam 129 : Azumi Harusaki [RHJ-129]_dsc1014

Red Hot Jam 129 : Azumi Harusaki [RHJ-129] _dsc1245
2) Ero Documentary – Real Azumi : Masturbation, Toy Play, Blowjob, Titty Fuck, Bukkake Facial, loving fuck, cum in mouth and more!

Red Hot Jam 129 : Azumi Harusaki [RHJ-129] dscn7645

Starring : Azumi Harusaki

120 min
Language : Japanese
Release Date: 2/23/2010

Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio : Red Hot Collection

Yakuza’s Beautiful Wife : Yuki Tsukamoto [BT-39]


Yuki Tsukamoto is a Yakuza boss’s beautiful wife. One day her husband is killed by a rival gang. After, Yuki takes her revenge against the yakuza who killed her husband and humiliated her.


She knows the only real weapon she owns is her body and decides to use it to the max. Her ripe seductive body and unsurpassed sex techniques turn violent yakuzas into spineless puppets used for her revenge….

Kimono Fuck, Blowjob, Creampie Sex, Gangbang, Bukkake Facial and more.


Starring : Yuki Tsukamoto

190 min
Language : Japanese
Release Date: 2/17/2010

Studio Teriyaki

Sky Angel 102 : Riko Oshima [SKY-152]

Milky Smooth Skinned Paipan (Shaved) Japanese Girl, Riko Oshima gets creampied!


1) Body Check & Blowjob
2) Creampie Sex

Sky Angel 102 : Riko Oshima [SKY-152] _dsc5001

Sky Angel 102 : Riko Oshima [SKY-152] _dsc4953
3) Masturbation
4) Body Massage by 5 guys, Double Blowjob, Bukkake Facial, Creampie Sex

Sky Angel 102 : Riko Oshima [SKY-152] dscn9669

Starring: Riko Oshima

107 min
Language : Japanese
Release Date: 2/11/2010

Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment

Red Hot Jam 128 : Yuu Mizuki [RHJ-128]

Red Hot Jam 128 : Yuu Mizuki [RHJ-128] rhj-120_rhj-128_blog

This DVD features one of the very first shoots of now very Popular JAV Idol, Yuu Mizuki.

She is a bit shy in a beginning but gets really wild as the shoot goes on…

Red Hot Jam 128 : Yuu Mizuki [RHJ-128] rhj-120_dsc_5653

Red Hot Jam 128 : Yuu Mizuki [RHJ-128] rhj-120_dsc_5870

1) Toy Play, Finger Bang , Squirting, Creampie Sex

2) Blindfold Play, Multiple Toy Play, Gang bang, Multiple Bukkake Facial, Creampie Sex,

Red Hot Jam 128 : Yuu Mizuki [RHJ-128] rhj-120_img_1106
Starring : Yuu Mizuki

105 min
Language : Japanese
Release Date: 2/11/2010

Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio : Red Hot Collection

NAUGHTY LITTLE ASIANS #27 – Asian Eyes / Third World Media

Award Winning and Once Again Nominated Series!! Young Cute Chicks Who Really Are Naughty!!! 69, Cos Play, and Cum Covered Baby Faces!! Every Naughty Girl Gets herself a Facial!!! Super Hairy All Natural J-Bush and Plush J-Grass!! Lots of Ass Licking and an Award Winning Japanese Rusty Trombone Performance!  ( with English Subtitles)


Ichigo Kinoshita is a young, tiny girl who is a bit quiet and restrained. That is until you get her in the sack, rub her titties, and stick a hard cock in her face. She then starts to loosen up and show us her more Naughty side. Her tiny tits are groped as her pointy nipple tips stand on end. Her dark black pubic pasture contrasts nicely with her white milky skin as the thick extract coming from her pussy glistens brightly. Her asshole gets eaten as her mouth starts some cock swallowing. They do the 69, as her oral vacuum cleaner destroys the tip of our mans cock. Her pussy is filled with thick slippery sap that goops and dribbles as she gets plugged. She gets it good in a variety of positions, before a respectable amount of cum coats her pretty face.

Yuuka Sato has a super cute baby face that goes great with her Japanese schoolgirl costume. Her cute face is even cuter when a hard cock is face fucking it. She inhales the entire thing as it fucks her mouth and uses her tongue to lick it up and down like a tasty lollipop. Her J-muff is especially nice; all covered in natural J-fuzz and filled with a naturally thick J-mush. Her nipple tips are light colored with a pinkish hue and her tits are tiny handsized A cups. Her pussy lips are thick and bold, ready to split in 2 as they eat up man cock. He gets her in several positions as she barks, screams and moans. She cums over and over again as our guy winds things up with a creamy deposit on her chin.

Ran Enomoto is a very hot, sexy and erotic girl. Her perfectly formed body is hard and tight and her tits are bigger than your average J-chick. She mounts a man up, massaging his body with hers and forcing him to eat her pretty J-puss. She shakes her hips and her ass too before flipping around for a round of 69. Her clit is highly sensitized and her J-hair well trimmed. She puts our guy on all fours and eats his ass out while jerking his J-bird. He penetrates her sappy hole as she spreads her legs and pussy for even deeper access. Her skinny hips are on overdrive as they ride and suck up more and more of his dick. He lets this naughty youngster do the bulk of the work, as she earns herself a face and mouthful of yummy cum candy.

Megumi looks like a young fashion model. Her long hair and pretty white skin are tell tale signs that this girl is more than just your average AV chick. Between her 2 legs is a completely natural, thick and extremely furry J-box. Through the thick brush protrudes a highly stimulated J-clit that warms to the slightest of touches. She sucks cock slow and precise as our guy removes her top exposing her tiny tiny tits. This girl may be over 18 but her tiny tatas are still in training, with barely budding nipples just protruding from her chest. She gets her virgin ass licked out and tongue plunged while her J-clam starts to open wide, awaiting a plunging down there as well. He clears the grass before plugging her hole and fucking her pretty pussy in several positions. She worked well enough to earn a sticky one splattered across her lower face and nose.

552-backSubtitles with On/Off Function, Cumshot Recaps, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Third World Media Online!!

Directed by Ed “Mr. Miyagi” Hunter

starring: Ichigo Kinoshita, Yuuka Sato, Ran Enomoto, Megumi

length: 105 minutes
Language : Japanese ( with English Subtitles)
release date: 2010-01-11

Series : Naughty Little Asian
studio: Third World Media / Asian Eyes

Red Hot Jam 122 : Ayano Murasaki [RHJ-122]

Devour the ripe body of beautiful Japanese MILF, Ayano Murasaki!

Red Hot Jam 122 : Ayano Murasaki  - Cougar IN HEAT

Red Hot Jam 122 : Ayano Murasaki – Cougar IN HEAT

1) Bukkake MILF – Interview in Lingerie, Bukkake Facial, Toy Play, Squiring, Creampie Sex
2) Seductive Friend’s mother – Beutiful Ayano takes two young men at the same time. Creampie, Squirting, Threesome

xz8z1850, Red Hot Jam 122 : Ayano Murasaki [RHJ-122]


Starring: Ayano Murasaki

120 min

Release Date: 12/22/2009

Red hot Collection