Double Penetration Collection 11 AV Idols RED-188

For anal sex and DP (double penetration) fans rejoice!  Here comes 7th installment of the popular series ” Double Penetration” from Red Hot Fetish collection featuring 11 porn stars (松本まりな, 中野ありさ, 古瀬玲, 楓乃々花, あずみ恋, 武井麻希, 西野エリカ, さくらあきな, 園杏花, 綾瀬ゆい, 結衣のぞみ Marina Matsumoto, Arisa Nakano, Rei Furuse, Nonohana Kaede, Ren Azumi, Maki Takei, Erika Nishino, Akina Sakura, Kyoka Sono, Yui Ayase, Nozomi Yuiほか).

From shaved pussy paipan Japanese teens and cock starved Japanese cougars, they all get banged hard by 2 dicks at the same time.  Watch these AV idols moan and screams from the unbelievable pleasure and orgasms during DP fuck!

Double penetration Fuck only. Watch 11 AV idols get banged hard in their pussies and asses! 240 min long.

Starring: Marina Matsumoto, Arisa Nakano, Rei Furuse, Nonohana Kaede, Ren Azumi, Maki Takei, Erika Nishino, Akina Sakura, Kyoka Sono, Yui Ayase, Nozomi Yui
Title: Double Penetrations 7, RED-188
Length: 240 min
Release Date: 4/16/2014
Series: Double Penetrations
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

Bukkake DP Jukujo Rei Furuse

Rei Furuse is the embodiment of  Japanese jukujo (ripe woman) everyone has a chance to meet.  She is so horny and so willing.  One guy, two guy, many guys she welcomes you and she can pay supper sexy attention to each.  Then as long as she can see orgasm opportunities, she tries anything, whether your favorite play is bukkake or double penetration!

Watch Rei’s super hot and perverted chojo sex!

1) male slaves and bukkake
2) dildo lotion masturbation

3) bukkake fuck
4) double penetration creampie

Starring: Rei Furuse
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 1/22/2014
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

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2 Japanese girl handjob together

Gaijin cock?  It’s ok as long as I do it together with my friend!  Kaori Miyanaga and Rin Itou’s energetic handjob >>>Watch Now!

Maki Hojo Solo

Horny cougar Maki Hojo cannot waste a minute.  After showing off her sexy body, she starts masturbates.  She uses a cloth hunger and stimulates her pussy in a various position to maximize the sensation.  Watch how hard she cum and how wet her tasty milf pussy get! >>> Watch Now!

Japanese schoolgirl Catfight

Japanese school girl cat fight competition.  8 chosen schools girls fight against each other to be on top.  7 hard pounding and dick throbbing matches.   See winners get dicks and losers get covered with cum!  >>> Watch Now!

Japanese Foot JobJapanese Women’s legs lovers dream come true.  Beautiful Kaede Oshiro encases her beautiful legs in stockings and pantyhoses and gives footjob and private masturbation show just for you!  >>>Watch Now!

Shibuya gyaru orgy partyThis is THE house party I want to get invited some day… Shibuya Gyaru (gal) Mana Izumi, Rio Sakura and Tsubasa get together with their friends as they call a couple of dudes to their room. As soon as they arrive, they get naked―dicks and pussy everywhere. They lick and suck each other and fuck. Hot young pussies are creamed.>>>Watch Now

Erika Hiramatsu Wife Plays with Fire BT-128

Erika Hiramatsu is married to a rich businessman so she is satisfied with everything except sex life.  Her husband is so busy and he isn’t interested in her anymore even when he is around.  So she meets up a stranger and makes him her lover.  She gets bold and starts bring him into her home.  One day, her husband comes home unexpectedly and finds Erika and her lover together in bed.  But her husband is not angry.  On the contrary, he is extremely aroused.  He looks hornier than any time she remembered…  Unknowingly, Erika fulfills his netorare (cuckold) fantasy.  Watch Erika gets fucked like a bitch by her husband and lover!

1) Frustrated & horny masturbation
2) Lust for strangers
3) Sex with total stranger

4) Secret revealed to her husband
5) Husband’s cuckold fantasy fulfilled
6) Threesome with her, her husband and a stranger

Starring: Erika Hiramatsu
Title: Rich Wife’s Dangerous Play, BT-128
Length: 170 min
Release Date: 12/14/2013
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Free JAV Clips Aoi Yuuki & Ruri Hayami

Hardworking Japanese OL with eyeglasses is called into her boss’s office when no one is around.  He fondles her then unzip his pants and demands her to suck his dick.  She resists a little but gives in.  Finding jobs is tough these days after all.  As she sucks his dick, her boss gets more and more excited and forces her dick deep into her throat.  With tears in her eyes, she takes it til he unloads his cum on her face and eyeglasses.

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Sexy Ruri Hayami has got recently married to a widow.  What she doesn’t know is  her son-in-law has  his eye on her from day one.  One day, he brings mysterious sex drag and put it in her and his father’s drink.  Result?  Ruri Hayami gets so horny and ends up fucking both her husband and son-in-law at the same time and getting creampie hard by both one after another.

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Ryu Enami Dirty-Minded Wife Advent [SKY-268]

A lonely businessman is asked by a total stranger (Ryu Enami) if he will let her sleep overnight on his bed.  He is surprised but as she is so beautiful and attractive, he answers yes and invites her into her apartment.  What he doesn’t know is Ryu Enami is sex maniac and cannot live without sex!

1) Beautiful stranger creampie sex – can I sleep on your bed? I pay you with my body…
2) Blowjob to a delivery man

3) Invitation toy play
4) Creampie threesome with Ryu and her brother!

 Starring: Ryu Enami
Title: Dirty-Minded Wife Advent, SKY-268
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 7/12/2013
Series: Dirty-Minded Wife Advent
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

Akari Asagiri Deriheru Service

You hear the door bell ring and opens the door of your home, there you find that Big tits AV Idol with great techniques you watches so many time on screen standing right in front of you, willing to  give you what ever you want her to do… this once in your life time dream situation happens to one of lucky Akari Asagiri fans.   She washes him, licks him, fucks him and even lets him cum inside her pussy!


AV Idol Delivery Service
1) Surprise visit of Akari Asagiri – blowjob & analingus
2) Greatest bareback creampie

In second part, Akari Asagiri becomes a horny Japanese housewife. After drinking a little to much, she stumbles into her neighbor’s apartment and seduces him.

Sex with a wife next door
1) Drunken wife goes to a wrong apartment
2) Horny wife fucks a neighbor

Starring: Akari Asagiri
Title: AV Idol Delivery Service, PT-125
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 5/15/2013
Series: Pork Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD