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Juliana Gomes Auditions For Porn

I was watching my buddy hit a few balls down at the local ballpark and as I sat there up on the bleachers watching him I saw this slutty Latina babe walk past watching him. I laughed and told her “you should see me bat” and she came over to me and told me “okay then”. I reached down and started to unzip my pants as she said that and when she saw what I was doing her mouth fell open and she shouted “STOP”. I couldn’t help myself from laughing and then she sat down and we started talking a bit.

As soon as Juliana Gomes heard that I worked in porn she started telling me how she had this secret porno fetish and she had a huge collection of her own. She told me that she’d always wanted to be in porn herself. That was right about when I told her I’d love to help her make that dream come true. Soon enough we ended up back at my place and I had my dick out and she had her juicy cock sucking lips wrapped around it and was going to town like there was no tomorrow!

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Samantha Drives A Cock Home

Samantha is a friend of my buddy Primo and when I headed down to Venezuela with Primo I had no idea that we were about to run in to a group of his slutty friends. So anyway we get to Primo’s place and I’m chilling out back with a cold beer in each hand – what better way to live right? So anyway I’m unwinding with my beer and then I see this huge shadow over me and I open my eyes and look up and I see this slutty blonde babe standing over me. Behind her I see a ton of her friends but I was interested in this blonde babe.

I watched her as she started to slip out of her bikini. She didn’t say a word and she sure didn’t seem to care that there were people standing around her. She dropped those panties and starts signalling for me to whip out my dick. I looked around suggesting that perhaps this wasn’t the best time but she leans down and grabs hold of my cock as if to say she’d do it anyway so I whipped it out. Well she slams that dripping pussy down on my cock before I could say a word!

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Nakita Spreads Her Wet Pussy!

Nakita is a slutty redheaded loca babe that I met down at a local strip club. I was looking for a quick fix, you know what I mean a hot babe to flash her tits while you grab a few drinks. Well I sat back in the back with the lights down low and a beer in my hand and then Nakita came by my table. As she leaned down she rubbed her tits on my shoulder and she asked me if I needed another drink. I looked up and came face to face with those delicious tits and I told her I sure could use a little bit of something else instead.

Nakita took my hand and pulled me back in to one of the back rooms. I didn’t have more than a second to look around the room because she pushed me down on the couch in half a minute and started to tease in front of me. She starts toying this tiny string thong of hers and then she gets her big tits out and flashes me this kinky smile that just begs me to bend her over and cram my sick in her pussy!

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Brazil booty machine ass fucked deep

Brazillian Ass fucked by a  relentless machine!

Monica is known for her ass prowess, but nothing really prepared her for the machines. She jumps off the Chopper when she cums and is speaking in nonsense by the time the Dragon has finished with her.
This Brazilian booty has plenty to offer though as her orgasms last a long, hard, screaming time. And the depths to which her ass can swallow dongs, is not to be missed. The red missile dick on the Dragon looks like it may never return her ass cheeks. Thankfully no dildos were harmed in the making of these orgasms.

SourcedFrom Sourced from: Fucking Machines Flash Video Gallery Update

Angelina – Mexican Rock Babe Gets Down

Angelina had been on the job about a week when we met up. She was the Diamond of the Queen’s Palace. Beautiful, fun, friendly, a little naive, but very sweet and very pro.  She is a Sweet Addition to the JuicyBunny Girls Lineup.

We got together and started taking some pix and then she tells me she likes to dress up and roleplay. So we did several costume changes, you’ll see them inside as well as some very special videos.  Angelina was a first timer when we worked with her so she is not a tired and boring model. She is FRESH, HOT, and GETS VERY WET.

Angelina can also take an 8 inch cock with ease and provided one of the hottest scenes on JuicyBunny.  Join our girls to get all their videos, including photos (3-D by piclens), and much more.

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