Ryu Enami Dirty-Minded Wife Advent [SKY-268]

A lonely businessman is asked by a total stranger (Ryu Enami) if he will let her sleep overnight on his bed.  He is surprised but as she is so beautiful and attractive, he answers yes and invites her into her apartment.  What he doesn’t know is Ryu Enami is sex maniac and cannot live without sex!

1) Beautiful stranger creampie sex – can I sleep on your bed? I pay you with my body…
2) Blowjob to a delivery man

3) Invitation toy play
4) Creampie threesome with Ryu and her brother!

 Starring: Ryu Enami
Title: Dirty-Minded Wife Advent, SKY-268
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 7/12/2013
Series: Dirty-Minded Wife Advent
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)