Nami Himemura Exhibitionist Body Painting PT-127

Nami Himemura is a perverted exhibitionist.  She needs to get ULTRA attention today, so she has body paint on her nice tits and goes to a gym filled with male hormone raging guys.   These guys give her hardcore exercise Nami just needs!

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1) Naked body painting – Going to the gym with body paint on to get attention
2) Bareback hard training – horny guys notice how perverted Nami is

3) Goth-Loli (Gothic Lolita) mansion – Otaku is lured into Goth-loli doll mansion
4) Horny doll – Goth-loli doll comes alive and demands creampie sex

Starring: Nami Himemura
Length: 127 min
Release Date: 6/15/2013
Series: Pork Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD