Naomi West Humps Shower Head

When 20 year old Naomi West moved into her own apartment to go to college in Arizona, the first thing she looked for was a place with a good shower. “I love taking showers the way some girls love taking baths. I’m kind of a shower snob, really. I couldn’t move into an apartment if there wasn’t a really nice shower stall. No icky tubs for this girl!” Fortunately, Naomi was able to find a place that suited her needs. It’s a good thing, too, because this lovely Latina is an incredible sight to behold when she’s nude and wet!

As Naomi lathers soap in her hands and then rubs it all over her tan skin, she spends plenty of time massaging her full breasts and brushing the backs of her hands over her puckered nipples. Finally, she can’t stand the tension she has created any longer and she pinches the hard little nubs while the warm water washes the suds away. “Mmm, I feel even warmer than that water when I do that. It makes me wet in a way that has nothing to do with being in the shower.”

Turned on playing with her breasts, Naomi grabs the shower wand and sinks down to sit on the tiled floor. “That was just the beginning, though. There’s so much more I love to do to myself in here,” she laughs as she points the showerhead at her pouty pink pussy and brings the delightful water close to her slick snatch. If this sex-crazed coed’s moans of pleasure are any indication then the spray of water is doing incredible things for her! Do you want to watch this sexy girl get herself off in the shower? If so, then head on over to now where you’ll find Naomi and tons of the hottest eager college girls online.