Linda Lay Climaxes In Shower

After a workout at the gym, all 20 year old Linda Lay can think about is usually getting home and taking a long hot shower. “Working out makes me so horny!” she laughs as she slips out of her sweaty clothes and turns the shower on to let it warm up. “Then again, I think everything makes me horny.” Linda takes time to play with her heavy tits and puckered nipples while she waits for the water to warm, and as soon as the shower is ready she steps beneath the spray and lets the liquid wash over her heated sensitive skin.

“Normally I like to take my time in the shower and make myself feel really good. Today I think I want to wait until I’m dry, though.” Turning off the spray, Linda grabs a towel to wrap around herself to dry off. The towel is so short that it barely covers her womanly parts, acting as more of a tease than when she was nude! Once she is finished drying off she starts to hang the towel up, and then thinks better of it. “Actually, I can think of a way to use this towel,” she murmurs as she arranges it on the tile floor.

Settling herself on the soft towel, Linda slides her hands down her still-damp skin and fondles her puffy large areolas. Her lovely pussy is wet from the shower and her own sweet juices that run freely as she brings her hand down to rub against her horny love button. Her touches are sure and quick, and soon she is panting and moaning. “I’ve been teasing myself for so long that I know this is going to be a quick orgasm.” Do you want to watch this brunette vixen bring herself to an incredible climax? Then head on over to now to catch Linda’s whole shoot in high definition pics and video.