Violette Shy Striptease

Violette is a 23 year old student from Czech who has only recently started to pursue an adult modeling career. “I have been attending University and struggling to get by, but one day a friend mentioned that I was pretty enough to be a model. It made me think that maybe I could get paid to be horny all the time. And here I am!” Violette has long blonde hair and a set of perky little tits with hard nipples that are definitely her best feature. It seems strange to us that this cute coed came onto the set wearing clothes that were bulky enough to cover her sexy assets.

When Violette gives us a shy smile before she slowly starts unbuttoning her blouse, though, we understand. We can tell by the press of her diamond hard nipples against her shirt that she is horny, but our Czech beauty is still pretty new to stripping and making herself cum on camera! Violette confirms our suspicions when she looks up from the buttons and bites her lip. “You may have to be patient with me. Knowing that I will do this is a turn on but actually getting naked in front of strangers is still strange to me.”

Violette slides her blouse off and then surprises us by turning around before we can look our fill at her slender body. She takes her pants off with her back to us, leaving us with a stunning view of a blonde babe in just a g-string. Taking a deep breath, she turns around to face us. “Okay, I think I am over my shyness for now.” She proves it by climbing up to the desk and leaning back with her creamy thighs parted to open up her glistening shaved pussy. You can watch Violette finger herself until she cums and find all the hottest horny girls online right now only at