Stella Gets Wet and Wild

Stella is a 21 year old Russian who dreams of someday being a professional ballet dancer. “I have to keep my body toned and fit so that I can dance. It is not hard when I am practicing a minimum of three or four hours every day!” When this beautiful babe gets home from a long session at the gym, the first order of business on her mind is to take a long hot shower, and maybe enjoy some self-pleasure while she’s at it. Slipping out of her workout clothes, Stella walks to the shower to turn it on.

While she waits for the water to warm, our slender siren stands nude and takes a moment to run her fingers through her long blond hair and roll her shoulders to release some of the stress. “Sometimes I get in while the water is still cool if I’ve had a particularly hard work out, but today was a light day.” At last the spray is the right temperature, and with one more cat-like stretch she steps into the tub and grabs the hand wand to wet down her toned body until her soft skin is drenched and slippery.

When Stella has made sure that she is clean all over, she takes time to give special attention to her medium sized breasts and her tight little nipples. As she moans with pleasure, one hand slides down to cover her shaved mound and slip a finger into her juicy slit so she can fondle her tender clit. “The water is so warm and nice. Between that and the workout I’m so relaxed and super horny.” Stella lifts a leg up onto the edge of the tub and presses a little bit harder on her love button, moving faster and with one purpose: to cum like crazy. Check out Stella’s wet and wild scene right now only at!