Charlotte Reed Creamy Skin Massage

Charlotte Reed has the type of body that men love to fantasize about, with long toned limbs, a slender belly, and heavy tits that are a perfect handful. This 19 year old Czech babe also has long red hair and the creamy delicate complexion to match. “I am very careful to take good care of my skin. I love how soft and smooth it is, so I make sure to put on plenty of lotion all over my body to keep it that way.” Charlotte is very eager to show off the results of her efforts to keep her skin looking young, stripping slowly out of her clothes and then turning in slow circles so that we can see her from every angle.

As Charlotte spins around a second time, her little hands stray up to cover her medium sized tits and slowly start massaging them. “There’s something really exciting about just standing here naked in front of the camera. I just want to touch myself everywhere.” When we don’t stop her, Charlotte’s movements get bolder and she takes her hard puckered nipples between her fingers and pinches them hard with a low moan.

But that’s not enough for this insatiable coed! Soon, we can see little peeks of moisture glistening between Charlotte’s legs. She notices our eyes straying downward and her smile turns smoky as she settles herself on a chair and parts her creamy thighs so we can have a long look at her damp shaved pussy. “I hope you like what you see, but I can’t hold out any longer to let you stare.” As Charlotte murmurs those words she presses the heel of her hand against her warm wet slit, obscuring our excellent view. We don’t mind, though, as this red-haired beauty slides two fingers deep into her dripping snatch and starts pumping herself towards an orgasm! Check out Charlotte’s whole set in high-def pics and video now only at