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Ally Winters Magic Wand Orgasm

18 year old Ally Winters is still new to the adult modeling scene, but she is already discovering a love of flaunting her sexy body! “I always hated my little boobs when all my friends were developing into voluptuous women, but now I’m so happy to have them. They’re the perfect size and guys really seem to dig them. I can even go without wearing a bra which is awesome.” Ally pulls up her shirt as she speaks to show that indeed she is all bare beneath her clothes. With her top already around her shoulders, this blonde babe wastes no time in stripping out of her tight jeans to reveal that she isn’t wearing any panties either.

Crawling onto the bed, Ally wriggles her body to make her curvy ass and small tits sway enticingly. She reaches up to pinch a puffy nipple, drawing in her breath sharply at the contact. “I don’t know what makes pleasuring myself in front of a camera so much better than masturbating alone, but the difference is incredible,” she comments as she falls to her belly and inches to the edge of her bed to reach beneath. “I wish there were always cameras on me when I fuck myself.”

Rising to her knees, Ally holds up the Magic Wand vibrator that she has pulled out from its hiding place beneath her bed. “I thought I’d show you my favorite toy. I think this thing could get any woman off. I know it does amazing things for me.” Relaxing on the edge of her bed, Ally spreads her thighs and applies the vibrator to her dripping pussy to demonstrate just how swiftly it can bring her to an incredible orgasm. If you like what you see, head over to Nubiles.net to check out all of Ally’s high quality pics and videos, and to find all of the hottest coeds online.

20 year old Newhalf Kaede Enjoys a Good Cock Sucking and Ass Fucking


Kaede is a new escort in Osaka.  She and her date invited us along to shoot some photos and videos for her escort site and to put up on ShemaleJapan.  Kaede is one hot newhalf and doesn’t  need the promo but she does love the camera and fucking in front of people.


Kaede loves to be played with.  Despite her female hormone regimen it doesn’t take much to give her a nice stiff cock.   Her friend, Masa could not keep his hands off her cock.  He likes her hard before he sucks.  I like to take her soft and grow her in my mouth.  Which way do you like?


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Juliana Gets Sprayed

Juliana is a slutty Latina babe who came around to my place trying to sell some magazines. She was hotter than hell and while I didn’t want any of her magazines she did have something else that I wanted so I invited her in. She starts listing off all these magazines that she could offer and when I asked her if she had “Hot Latina Pussy” she burst out laughing and said no. I told her that I begged to differ and rubbed my fingers over her tight slit. She looked at me for just a second before she leaned in and started making out with me.

I didn’t hesitate and pulling down my pants I whipped out my dick and she got down on her knees, slipping my dick in to her mouth. Her warm lips felt so good around my dick but I wanted so badly to shove my cock deep inside her pussy. She stripped off in no time and got down on all fours begging me to fuck her. She didn’t have to beg long because I crammed my dick inside her so deep that she could barely move!

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