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Hot and Petite Newhalf Nene Aizawa Can Escort You in Osaka

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I sent Nene a text from Tokyo.  I was coming over on the afternoon flight to Osaka and would meet her at our favorite bar downtown.  She sent back a gif of her little tongue flicking in the air quickly.  It was the technique she used on my cock after kissing the head and licking the piss hole.  She would then take the cock, inch by inch deep into her mouth and inhale causing a suction like I’ve never felt before.  Nene is a pervert and knows how to make me hard.


She is just 20 and has been in a lot of movies in Osaka and Tokyo.  We met through mutual friends and so we were close from the start.  We had some drinks at the bar and started to get drunk.  Nene reached for my crotch and pulled me close by my hardening cock.  “Your place?”  I paid the newhalf in rabbit ears and off we went to my place for the week, a corporate apartment style place reserved for people in the film biz.  Nene took off her clothes and helped me out of mine.  The night was still hot from the day and being on the 18th floor, we went out onto the balcony nude.  We enjoyed the night air as Nene began to rub her backside against my cock.  She lifted up and spread her ass cheeks so my cock could slip in between.  She turned and knelt before me and began to suck me off.  She actually just wanted to cover my 8 inch cock with spit so I could more easily enter her newhalf pussy.  It would never fit without lube.  Nene covered me with spit and turned back around.  I pulled her up and she helped guide the thick apple-shaped head into her pussy.  I pressed against her and she pushed back off the railing and soon, I was deep inside her.  We paused for a moment to enjoy the warm feeling and then I began to pump her slowly as we watched the lights across the city.  She turned her head and we kissed deeply as she cooed and moaned.  Her nipples on her small tits were hard and she was getting rock hard too.


I started to fuck her hard and fast now, pumping deep into her tight newhalf pussy as I reached around her tiny body and grabbed onto her thing.  I stroked her.  She was leaking a little and getting hard as a rock again.  With each thrust into her her small cock would stiffen and bob up and down.  I began to pump her with my hand as I released into her newhalf pussy.  I pulled out of her and she pushed me back onto the floor of the balcony. Nene straddled my face and jammed her thing into my mouth and face-fucked me.  She met my warm and eager mouth with a dozen strokes and then began to spurt warm jets deep into me.  She fell back and lay on top of me as we laughed and giggled and touched each other.  She put her face into my crotch and licked me clean…and licked me hard.


Mariella Jiminez Rides A Throbbing Cock

Mariella Jiminez isn’t the hottest Latina babe that I’ve ever bagged but she is definitely one of the most willing! This kinky redheaded slut was absolutely nuts but she wasn’t afraid to spread those legs and get her hole stuffed full of my dick! She was begging for it by the time we got back to my place and when I caught a glimpse of those huge nipples of hers I have to admit that I was pretty excited about cramming my dick inside her tight pussy as well!

So we get back to my place and she flashes me those tits of hers and then she starts talking a big game about how great she is at sucking cock and I wasn’t about to let her tell me how great she was without showing me so I dared her to put her money where her mouth was. She flashed me this naughty smile and then slipping out of her panties to show off her sweet slit she got down on her knees and slid my dick between her wet lips. I can’t lie, I had to stop myself from cumming in her mouth before I got a taste of that sweet ass!

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Photo Update with Thai Amateur Girl, Gik

Gik’s a special little Thai babe.  She’s sweet and nice and very submissive.  She can also fuck your balls dry.  I like girls like that, don’t you?  We have many girls like that at JuicyBunny.  They are here to please you as they sure as fuck pleased us.

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Sky Angel 158 starring Tsukushi, Shaved JAV Idol

Teen Japanese Porn star, Tsukushi has her pussy shaved and is ready to get fucked anytime.  After masturbating and getting really horny, she begs for a hard dick for creampie!

Sky Angel 148 starring Tsukushi, SKY-240
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Sky Angel 148 starring Tsukushi, SKY-240
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Sky Angel 148 starring Tsukushi, SKY-240, double blowjob

Starring: Tsukushi
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 9/19/2012
Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment

Melody Jordan Blue Vibrator

20 year old Melody Jordan dreams of saving the world someday, and working towards that goal as a volunteer building schools has helped to give her a trim and toned body she loves! “I was worried that spending time out in the hot sun while we worked would do funny things to my hair or give me freckles, but I was willing to go anyway. Fortunately, it all worked out. I was even able to get a bit of a tan, which is incredible for a redhead.” Stripping off her lacy white top, Melody shows us what she means about the gentle tan that gives her pale skin a tantalizing hint of color.

As we admire her creamy skin and delicious curves, Melody basks in our attention. Turning around slowly in her high heels so that we can get an eyeful of her full round ass, she slaps her hand down to make her plump cheeks jiggle. Massaging her bottom, she looks at the camera over her shoulder and gives a dazzling smile. “I adore rough sex. Spanking and biting are sure ways to get me turned on in a hurry.”

Settling on the couch, Melody uses her fingertips to brush light touches all over her body in a slow seduction. She circles her little areolas and pinches her puffy nipples, making soft moans that soon have every man in the room hard and eager. “I’m just getting warmed up,” she comments, leaning forward and reaching beneath the couch to retrieve a big blue vibrator. “I need to make sure I’m wet and ready for this big boy.” Sliding down on the couch and parting her thighs, Melody turns the toy on and applies the vibrating tip to her slick juicy slit, rubbing the tip up and down to lubricate it with her juices before she pushes it deep into her hot pussy. Head on over to Nubiles.net right now to watch Melody use her pulsing toy until she cums, in all HD pics and video.